A summary of our quest to prevent the romulan war

The remaining Imperial fighters are destroyed and the Excelsior manages to escape the vortex before it is destroyed. The Renegade, unaware of Excelsior betrayal, escorts the ship to Starbase 9 for repairs.

The Federation lost 1 superheavy cruiser Excelsior3 light cruisers Constitution-B and Renaissanceand 4 medium frigates 2 Miranda-As, 2 Stingers ; all of these tie into Nash's campaign as either the cause of it, or combat losses during. Federation[ edit edit source ] With the war over, it's time for us to rebuild, to take stock of our situation, and to return to our roots as explorers.

But it is precisely the Borg, ironically enough, that allows the crew to get home several decades early: After hundreds of millions, if not billions, lie dead, a truce is finally signed, with the Dominion agreeing to stay on its side of the wormhole forevermore. A Choice of Futures: Without warning, the FF Fesariuscommanded by Balokcloses on the Excelsior and releases several radiation-emitting buoy devices.

Unfortunately, this course will take him through the heart of the Terran Empire, as well as Klingon and Romulan space.

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With no other way home, Sulu sets course for Janus Ultima vortexthe Janus Prime vortex's counterpart in Tholian space. After the Enterprise takes heavy damage, it retreats. The Excelsior is attacked by fighter -craft launched from the Enterprise, and Chekov has somehow sabotaged the Excelsior phaser banks, so the crew must defend themselves using similar Wraith-class fighters found in their own shuttlebay.

Romulan Republic[ edit edit source ] The Iconian War is finally over, and we can concentrate once more on securing the future of the Romulan Republic.

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But a politically-driven slide into tensions isn't one of those good reasons. This is the first Enterprise novel written solo by Michael A. Klingon[ edit edit source ] Now that the Iconian War is over, it is time to rebuild the Empire.

It is contacted by the M-5 computerwhich declares them unnecessary personnel. The blue orbs collapse half of the Cube's Hull.

SynchronizedWritersBlock Nervos Belli said: ISS Renegade soon warps in, but is disabled by Excelsior fighters allowing them to escape. The date when Bajor finally joins the Federation, and when the Starfleet occupancy of DS9 ends, is currently unknown.

Mission: The Temporal Front

Caroo wipes a tear away. At some point prior toa reunification movement began to become popular among some Romulan and Vulcan citizens. Aside from its engine, Enterprise was also the first Earth vessel to be equipped with a transporter rated for transporting biological organisms.

On the edge of the Alpha Quadrant, near Ferenginar, our astrophysicists have noticed a star that is suddenly fading. Sulu sends the fighters out to assist the escorts, and they constantly call for extra assistance, straining the fighter that covers them. Sound off in the comments.

No resistance is encountered, instead the remains of large planetoids drifting in space. We have self-replicating torpedoes.

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All six asteroids are eventually harvested and the scout returns to Excelsior, only to have the ship attacked by fighters and then a K't'inga-class Klingon battle cruiserIKS Gr'oth. Jan 24,  · While the accession of an Imperial monarch was previously unprecedented in the modern Star Empire, the Romulan populace is currently giving Empress Velim the benefit of the doubt, hoping that she is able to establish order and stability during a time of war and crisis that has already seen the rise and fall of at least.

For the mirror universe counterpart, see Earth-Romulan War (mirror). The Earth-Romulan War, also known as the Romulan War, Romulan Wars, Earth-Romulus War, was a major interstellar conflict fought during the midnd century () between forces led by United Earth and those of the Romulan Star sgtraslochi.comon(s): Alpha Quadrant, Beta Quadrant.

Mission: Taris. From Star Trek Online Wiki. However, the nascent Romulan Republic, our new ally, has shared information with us that Taris, former Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire, may have been responsible for the Hobus supernova. They attempted to apprehend her, Klingon War “Welcome to Earth.

Our big season arc is some sort of Romulan Civil War which the Federation become dragged into. Following on from the events of JJ Abram's movie, the Romulan homeworld has been destroyed and the Romulan Star Empire has been Balkanized into several smaller entities, all of whome claim to be the real Romulans.

To Brave the Storm

Author: Michael A. Martin At the start of the twenty-­first century, unconditional war swept across the Earth. A war that engulfed the great and. The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing is a Star Trek: Enterprise relaunch novel released 20 October This is the first Enterprise novel written solo by Michael A.

Martin, after having collaborated with Andy Mangels on three previous Enterprise novels, as well as on numerous other projects.

A summary of our quest to prevent the romulan war
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