The educative value of travelling

The educational value of travelling Essay

We get only the sketchy picture ofwhich is not complete. It Gives practical experience of the world: However, qualified a person may be, if he not undertaken travelling, his understanding is limited and outlook remains narrow.

By travelling we see people, places with our own eyes. It brings people closer. The travelers come in contact with various type of people. The student is capable of seeing problems of over-population, forest preservation and ecology.

There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.

It is essential for health: It makes it easier to try new foods when you get home, and you may be able to make your diet more diverse as a result, which will probably lead to better health. Educational Tour increases our knowledge and new thoughts and ideas grow up in us. Mere bookish knowledge to the development of all around personality.

Is it possible for a man to forget the Taj at Agra if he has seen it once. Educational Value of Traveling: We were personally drawn to the following statements some of which came from the Rick Steves website: People traveled wither on foot or on horse back.

You may find out that the mannerisms of a certain people are simply cultural and are not the result of rudeness. That is why there are numerous British curries that neither a native Indian nor American knows about. But, it is no longer so in modern time.

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In this way traveling can reduce the fear of war too. Traveling broadens our mental horizon. Point It is possible to learn a little bit of humility and gratitude at your own life. Essay on “Joys and Sorrows go Hand in Hand in Life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on “Cowards Die many a Time Before their Death” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. EDUCATIONAL VALUE OF TRAVELLING Travelling has been universally recognized to have great educational values.

In Western advanced societies, education is considered incomplete without travelling. It has been a delightful experience of mankind from time immemorial. Going place to place and meeting various people have been enjoying for people. One of the reasons I see the strong educational value of travel is the exposure to other cultures coupled with the geography, history, and nature found on trips.

It is difficult to accomplish the same thing within the pages of a book. The value of travelling in our life cannot be denied in today’s world. The world is moving towards the concept of ‘Global Village’. We frequently travel through cars, buses, trains, aeroplanes and by.

Educational Value of Traveling Introduction It is possible to learn new things if you travel to different parts of your own country and different parts of the world.

Short Essay on Importance of Travelling in Education

The value of traveling as a part of education is great. Books give the students the theoretical knowledge.

5 Reasons Why Traveling Is the Best Education

It is a second hand knowledge based on the experiences of others. Traveling gives students first had and practical knowledge. Such a knowledge is more valuable and permanent. Personal and practical experiences are never forgotten.

The educative value of travelling
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